The Author

Prof. Georges L. Kaiser, MD, is the author of the book entitled "Leading symptoms in pediatric surgery", and initiated the instructional program at hand as a supplement to the book because - among other reasons - the internet is vastly superior to a pocket-sized paperback in displaying a practically unlimited number of pictures, let alone videos. The image is an important carrier of information in medicine and stands clearly in the front, e.g. in the field of differential diagnosis.


We are indebted to the initiator of the instructional program, Prof. Georges L. Kaiser, M.D., for his inspiring support in the didactic conception; for the 1000-plus pictures from his collection of medical slides; his collaboration in the compilation of the texts for the database; and his narration of the videos. Owing to his openmindedness toward modern technologies the program could be created by him and the team members independing of locality and time.

Our sincere thanks go to

M. Bittel
Chief Physician Pediatric Surgery, Wildermeth, CH-Biel-Bienne

P. Huber
Chief Physician emeritus Neuroradiology, Inselspital CH-Bern

M. Kummer
Chief Physician emeritus Pediatric Surgery, Kantonsspital Bruderholz, CH-Bruderholz (BL)

M. Meyer-Wittkopf UFK, D-Tübingen

G. Schroth Chief Physician Neuroradiology, Institute of Diagnostic, Interventional and Pediatric Radiology (DIPR),
Inselspital CH-Bern

H. Tschäppeler Head emeritus Pediatric Radiology,
Inselspital CH-Bern

P. Vock Head of the DIPR,
Inselspital CH-Bern

R. Wolf Head of Pediatric Radiology DIPR, University Pediatric Clinic, CH-Bern

Z. Zachariou Head of Pediatric Surgical Clinic, Inselspital CH-Bern

The Multimedia Team

The Education and Media Unit (AUM) of the Institute of Medical Education (IML) of the University of Bern has been creating electronic instructional media since the 1970s.

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The following persons have contributed to the program at hand:

Béatrice Boog
(head of the project, and design)

Stefan Minder
(consultant and programming)

Lukas Kaiser

Michael Rolli
(database and server consulting)

Jürg Hirsiger
(slide processing)

Giovanni Ferrieri
(video remastering)

Hans Holzherr
(illustrations and translation)

Pierino Niklaus


The Children's Art

In order to give insight into the children's subjective world the pages have been decorated with children's drawings. The gallery shows all drawings with their artists' names.

A Multimedia Production by the Institute of Medical Education, © AUM, Bern 2003-2008