Leading symptoms in pediatric surgery

Prof. Georges L. Kaiser, MD

The instructional program "Leading symptoms in pediatric surgery" comprises 3 modules. It caters to medical doctors and with a dedicated learning path to students. Viewing the pictures and videos requires a password which you can obtain for free in case you haven't already done so. To start, click on a module below.
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Pediatric surgery - diseases
(start module 1)

Starting from key symptoms, each symptom is presented in a relevant clinical picture which is systematically explained by means of photos and videos. The chapter "differential diagnosis" illustrates some additional clinical pictures.

The texts can be read out by a virtual speaker (requires Flash Player).

Selftest differential diagnosis
(start module 2)

Each chapter presents pathologies and their clinical, radiological and intraoperative findings. Clinical pictures appearing similar are presented side-by-side.

Your task is to assign each picture the correct pathology.

Multiple choice-quiz
(start module 3)

Based on a photo of practical relevance several statements are presented. You decide which ones are true, and which ones are false.

Questions you answered wrong can be repeated at the end of a set or at once.

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