Pathophysiology 2 (Intussusception)

Operative findings in a 6-month-old infant with abdominal colics and a palpable mass in the abdomen. In the left half of the picture ther are dilated intestinal loops. In the right half of the picture there is an appendage with a dent on the tip and a broad base at the anti-mesenteric origin from the small intestine; proximally from it there is a narrow segment of intestine with white and bluish discoloration. Analogously $$anus_6??££to the already demostrated patient§§ is it a Meckel's diverticulum as cause of a symptomatic intussusception. The intussusception which was difficult to reduce involved the injured intestinal segment on the right in the picture and the diverticulum where a residual invagination remains (which corresponds to the dent on the tip). Already preoperatively, an ischemic lesion occurred of the mentioned intestinal segment; notice the distinct change of diameter of the proximal small intestine = prestenotic dilatation due to the obstructive ileus. This picture illustrates the limits of the non-operative treatment which would have achieved only a partial reduction and would not have considered the dangerous ischemic damage.