Solid Sacral Mass (Clinical Presentation as before)

turu_4a_n.jpg and turu_4b_n.jpg: These pictures show two different newborns with a solid mass over the sacrum. Due to the shape and the finding on palpation, both masses are not cystic, $$turu_9??££see alternate figure 1§§ and $$turu_13??nr=2££alternate figure 2§§ , but smooth and solid. No neurological deficit of the legs, of the pelvic floor and of the muscles of the back was present. In turu_4a_n.jpg there was a cutaneous spot of a vascular anomaly and in turu_4b_n.jpg skin retraction as additional cutaneous findings. In both cases the diagnosis is subcutaneous lipomas over the sacrum. Like the already described skin findings and the ones additionally present here, they may be an indication of minimal spinal dysraphism; it is absolutely necessary to look after them. A simple excision of the lipoma without exclusion of a minimal spinal dysraphism is insufficient.