Prenatal Measures (CNS Anomalies/Masses of the Back/Minimal Spinal Dysraphism)

Survey of 46 patients in whom in 1980 and the following years prenatally a CNS malformation was diagnosed in the 19th to 25th week of gestation, and the measures which were taken at that time. A=Anencephaly, Cele=Myelomeningocele, H=Hydrocephalus, Misc= other CNS anomalies. Decisions=Measures. Only 21 patients survived because the pregnancy was interrupted therapeutically or spontaneously in 20, and because 5 patients died following cesarian section. This trend has continued in the last decades; therefore today, with the exception of minimal spinal dysraphism, no or only few patients are born with an obvious dysraphic malformation, for instance, patients with CNS malformations diagnosed late in pregnancy, or children of refugees.