Abdomen X-ray 1 (Intussusception)

anus_24a_n.jpg: Upright abdomen x-ray in an infant with abdominal emergency. Visible are intestinal loops. They are overdistended with air and in the right upper quadrant an air-fluid level may be suggested. Abdominal x-ray in two planes belongs not usually to the additional examinations in suspected intussusception because the distribution of air may be unspecific and air-fluid levels are observed only in the late stage of obstructive ileus. In abdomen x-ray the suspicion of intussusception arises if the abdomen is void of air and/or in case of amputation or filling of the ascending colon by the invagination. The presented findings are not typical for an early but for an intermediate stage of invagination. anus_24b_n.jpg: Contrast enema in the same patient with a cup form of contrast stop in the transverse colon. The clinically and radiologically suspected invagination is confirmed by the contrast enema.