Therapy 2 (Minimal Spinal Dysraphism)

turu_26a_n.jpg and turu_26b_n.jpg: 3-month-old boy with a subcutaneous lipoma over the sacrum and a skin spot of a vascular malformation, $$turu_4??nr=1££figure for comparison§§ . The myelography showed intraspinal parts of the lipoma over and next to the conus ($$turu_23??££figure for comparison§§ ). During surgery in turu_26a_n.jpg: There is a finding analogous to turu_25_n.jpg with a prepared subcutaneous lipoma which continues by a opening in the fascia in the deep layers. And in turu_26b_n.jpg the findings following extended laminectomy and opening of the dura. View of an intraspinal pale yellow prominence. The subcutaneous lipoma continues like a sandglass in the spinal channel. The visible pale yellow prominence is the intraspinal part of the lipoma which remains after the excision of the subcutaneous part and its stalk. The former is now excised as far as it is recognizable exclusively as lipoma.