Large Mass at the Buttocks (Differential Diagnosis Mass of the Back )

turu_19a_n.jpg and turu_19b_n.jpg: Overview and close-up picture of a newborn girl with a large mass on the buttocks. The mass lies underneath the coccyx, is asymmetric concerning the body sides, protrudes irregularly, may contain cystic as well as solide parts, and is covered by normal skin. The described local findings together with a normal motility of the legs and tonus of the anal sphincters do not fit the picture of a sacral myelomeningocele with lipoma or another dysraphic anomaly. The diagnosis is a coccygeal teratoma which should be operated soon after birth. turu_zz2_n.jpg: In this newborn, a large mass is recognizable in connection with the buttocks. The starting point, the asymmetry, and the heterogeneous findings of the mass allow the diagnosis of coccygeal teratoma to be made.