Prolapse (Myelomeningocele)

3-month-old girl with an operated myelomeningocele. The anus, rectum and vagina are everted. Although prolapses of the anus, rectum, and vagina of such a degree are rarely observed and occur mainly in high lesions, the picture points out the nearly certain disorder of innervation of the pelvic floor muscles and of the micturation and defecation mechanism ($$mikt_16??££see alternate figures A§§ and $$mikt_17??££alternate figures B§§). The case reports in turu_16_n.jpg, turu_17a_n.jpg/ turu_17b_n.jpg und turu_18_n.jpg illustrate that the significance of the dysraphic anomalies recognizable from the outside lies not as much in the impressive local finding as in the resulting neurological deficit.