Acute Lymphadenitis of the Neck (Video)

First part: This video sequence shows an infant with an inflammatory swelling at the angle of the lower jaw. The overlying skin is not reddened, while the adjacent swelling is rough and diffuse on palpation. It is an acute lymphadenitis of the neck without a clinically seizable abscess to be excluded by an ultrasound. Second part: This video sequence of a toddler shows that the inflammation of the lymph node at the angle of the lower jaw also involves the skin and the adjacent soft tissue; therefore, the skin is red, and a fluctuation can be palpated within the soft tissue clinically. In this case an acute lymphadenitis with abscess of the neck can be diagnosed clinically. Third part: Acute and chronic lymphadenitis is an important and frequent differential diagnosis of tumors and fistula of the neck in children. In this video sequence a full-blown acute lymphadenitis with abscess is visible, and the single steps of abscess incision.