Epidermoid Cyst (Differential Diagnosis Thyroglossal Duct Cyst)

Figure tuha_13a_n.jpg: In this 6.5-year-old girl a mass of the size of a hazelnut is visible and palpable in the jugulum. It is covered by non-irritant skin and movable on the fascia. This site in the jugulum or a submental midline localization is typical for epidermoid or dermoid cysts. Rarely, they may occur near the hyoid; they are solid on palpation, enabling clinically the differentiation from a thyroglossal duct cyst. On the other hand, the latter may occur rarely anywhere between the jugulum and the chin. Figure tuha_13b_n.jpg: This yellowish, shining through epidermoid cyst was excised with a spindle of skin. It is with a length of 2 cm large, and may in case of localization at the isthmus be mixed up with an acquired lesion of the thyroid gland.