Painful Mass Chest Wall (Differential Diagnosis Chest Wall Tumor)

tubr_30a_n.jpg: Dv chest x-ray in a 7.4-year-old boy with a painful, visible and palpable mass of the right lateral chest wall. There is an extented opacity of the right middle lung field laterally. tubr_30b_n.jpg: On fluoroscopy of the right chest wall, there is a swelling of the right sixth rib laterally with thickening of the corticalis, structural irregularities, and connection with the opacity mentioned in figure tubr_30a_n.jpg. Today, a CT would be more appropriate than fluoroscopy. tubr_30a_n.jpg and tubr_30b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is a malignant bone tumor with expansion into the thoracic cavity and chest wall; on histology, a Ewing sarcoma was found.