Local Rib Swelling (Differential Diagnosis Chest Wall Tumor)

tubr_28_n.jpg: 14-year-old boy who complained of crepitation in the right chest wall since he jumped into the bed 4 months ago. Because of indistinct pain of the thoracic wall an x-rax was performed. Chest x-ray on which a swelling of the right sixth rib with loss of the osseous structure is recognizable. The diagnosis - confirmed by histology - is an aneurysmatic bone cyst of the sixth rib. Cure after partial resection was observed. Depending on the localization and the direction of growth in the thoracic cavity and/or to the outside chest wall, tumors may be a differential diagnosis of non-inflammatory enlargement of the breast. Aneurysmatic bone cysts occur mainly between 10 and 20 years of age; the lower and upper extremities, the spine and the pelvis are most often involved, and recurrences occur in 20 %.