Breast Asymmetry 2 (Differential Diagnosis Congenital/Developmental/Acquired Pathology)

tubr_27a_n.jpg and tubr_27b_n.jpg: 15.8-year-old girl with an asymmetry of the breasts. tubr_27a_n.jpg: The frontal view of a developing teenager shows that the left mammary is smaller than the right one, and that the alignment of the left nipple is lateralized. tubr_27b_n.jpg: In a view from the left thoracic side a small scar next to the left breast and a larger scar on the lateral side of the chest wall become visible, the latter with a spotted dark red discoloration. tubr_27a_n.jpg and tubr_27b_n.jpg: These findings are a state after excision of a large subcutaneous hemangioma of the left lateral chest wall with processes to the breast and flank, i.e. residual findings of the cutaneous part of the hemangioma. In case of excision of hemangioma, lymphangioma, vascular malformations, and of other tumors of the chest wall, there is the danger of a missing or decreased and asymmetrical development of the breast. The differential diagnosis of the acquired forms of an underdevelopment of the breast(s) includes a developmental asymmetry of the left breast or an enlargement of the right breast due to a tumor. According to the history and local findings there is no reason to consider the latter pathologies.