Inframammary Round Focus (Differential Diagnosis Chest Wall Tumor)

tubr_25a_n.jpg and tubr_25b_n.jpg: 4.2-year-old boy with a bilateral pigmented round focus below the breast. tubr_25a_n.jpg: An overview of the trunk shows the site of the described findings; the undeveloped breasts lie on an imaginary line running in a curve from the axilla to the groin; they have a distinct areola and nipple. The same applies to similar structures situated caudally at different levels. tubr_25b_n.jpg: On a close-up view an areola and a nipple is recognizable mainly within the left structure. tubr_25a_n.jpg and tubr_25b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is bilateral polythelia which is residuals of developmental structures. For esthetic reasons these structures should be removed including a possible mammary gland.