Breast Asymmetry 1 (Differential Diagnosis Diffuse/Localized Breast Enlargement)

tubr_24a_n.jpg: 12.9-year-old girl with an asymmetry of the developing breasts. The right breast is larger than the left mammary gland and points in a more lateral direction. tubr_24b_n.jpg and tubr_24c_n.jpg: Views from the right and from the left side. In contrast to the left side, the contours of the right breast in both lower quadrants is more prominent, and a mass is palpable with a connection to the gland. tubr_24d_n.jpg and tubr_24e_n.jpg: Excised mamma tumor of the right breast; a 4 by 6 cm large, nodulous, firm and localized mass is visible which consists of homogeneous and yellowish tissue. tubr_24a_n.jpg to tubr_24e_n.jpg: This histologically confirmed fibroadenoma is the most frequently observed tumor in female teenagers. Without a close inspection, palpation, and additional examinations, it is possible that the findings in figure tubr_24a_n.jpg are interpreted as developmental breast asymmetry.