Brown Discoloration Chest Wall (Differential Diagnosis Anomaly/Mass Chest Wall)

tubr_4_n.jpg to tubr_22b_n.jpg and tubr_22c_n.jpg: Front of the chest, back and right thoracic wall in a 9-month-old girl with a brown discoloration of the skin. tubr_4_n.jpg: The areolas are asymmetric; the left areola is transverse oval and left uncolored, and the breast is enlarged. tubr_22b_n.jpg: Branches of the brown discoloration on the back. Also, the right breast is enlarged, and the mammilla is prominent. tubr_22c_n.jpg: On the back there is a subtotal brown discoloration with a marked hairy zone over the upper thoracic spine and isolated black spots of different sizees. The diagnosis is pigmented nevus of the back with branches to the right thoracic side and on the left side close to the areola. The bilateral enlargement of the breast is a residual macromastia of the newborn.