Redness Chest Wall (Differential Diagnosis Mastitis)

tubr_11a_n.jpg to tubr_11c_n.jpg: 4-week-old girl with an inflammation of the anterior chest wall; course of the disease over three weeks. tubr_11a_n.jpg: At the age of 4 weeks there is a scattered redness of the chest wall, with both enlarged breasts uninvolved. tubr_11b_n.jpg: At the age of 5 weeks there are findings of a subcutaneous abscess which was drained. Residual parts of the lesions covered with suppurative granulation tissue. tubr_11c_n.jpg: By the age of 7 weeks the inflammation has healed. The diagnosis is cellulitis of the anterior chest wall with partial abscess and necrosis of the skin. The origin of this cellulitis is not a mastitis, because the skin adjacent to the gland is not involved; rather, an omphalitis, or another source. The enlarged breasts are either a residual neonatal macromastia, or a reaction to the cellulitis.