Local Findings 7 (Non-Inflammatory Breast Enlargement)

tubr_10a_n.jpg and tubr_10b_n.jpg: View from the front and the right lateral side of an apparent girl. The diameter of the right mammary gland measures at least 5 cm; the other breast is enlarged too. It is not a girl at puberty as it may seem mainly in the view from the right side. The diagnosis is a severe bilateral gynaecomastia in a boy. Although gynaecomastia is a spontaneously reversible phenomenon, subcutaneous mastectomy may be indicated in boys if: 1) the patient suffers from it; 2) the enlargement is considerable as in the demonstrated patient, with a diameter of the gland of 5 cm or more; 3) the enlargement persists longer than usual; 4) there is a suspicion of neoplasma.