Staging/Forms 5 (Nephroblastoma)

Close-up of an abdominal tumor in a 3.9-year-old boy. On the left and on the right side at the bottom there is kidney tissue diffusely mixed with tumor. The Kocher's forceps grasps the ligature of the divided renal vein and their ramification with blistered masses in the divided lumen which continue in the direction of the kidney. It is a nephroblastoma with a tumor process within the renal vein. This tumor process is not as clearly recognizable as for instance in tuab_3c_n.jpg and may be overlooked from unawareness. In case of continuation of the tumor process into the inferior vena cava the operating technique changes, and theoretically the prognosis as well. Blood vessel outside the renal sinus containing tumor: Stage II. $$tuab_34??££Picture for comparison.§§