Angiography 2 (Nephroblastoma)

9-year-old girl with the late step of catheter angiography combined with a contrast enema for work-up of a left-sided abdominal tumor. Weak contrast accumulation of a huge mass on the left side the size of which is manifold larger than the normal right kidney. The former displaces the transverse colon and the left colonic flexure to the bottom and exhibits multiple corkscrew-shaped vessels and contrast extravasations. The diagnosis is a left Wilms' tumor of intermediate size with displacement of the left hepatic lobe and the transverse colon. Today, such pictures are replaced by CT with contrast and other examinations. They are mentioned here for didactic reasons because this way it is easier to visualize the pathoanatomical variabilities of nephroblastoma and of its topographic relations than in CT slices and reconstructions.