Angiography 1 (Nephroblastoma)

tuab_27a_n.jpg and tuab_27b_n.jpg: Work-up examinations of a 3.8-year-old boy with an abdominal tumor of the right side with angiography. Angiography is not anymore used for the diagnosis of Wilms' tumor. Nevertheless, results of this method can be used to demonstrate the blood supply of nephroblastoma and of the residual kidney, having didactic impact. tuab_27a_n.jpg: Catheter angiography with demonstration of the aorta and of both renal arteries. In contrast to the regular vascular tree of the left kidney a large and faint mass becomes visible with abnormally running vessels like a corkscrew on the right side. These findings are compatible with a malignant renal tumor, most likely with a Wilms' tumor. tuab_27b_n.jpg: The kidney as an organ is not anymore recognizable within the 12 cm long mass. The diagnosis of nephroblastoma has been confirmed by the operative findings and its histological work-up.