Cystic Abdominal Mass (Mesenteric Cyst)

tuab_25a_n.jpg and tuab_25b_n.jpg: 2-month-old infant with a palpable cystic mass in the middle of the abdomen which has led to a subileus. tuab_25a_n.jpg: Gastrointestinal contrast study with lateral x-ray: There is a round defect between the intestinal loops. The defect has stretched out a segment in front of the intestine. tuab_25b_n.jpg: Intraoperativ findings: Three yellow, cystic masses within the mesentery with a strechted out segment of small intestine like a string. tuab_25a_n.jpg and tuab_25b_n.jpg: The operative findings explain the subileus due to the streched out intestinal loop by three mesenteric cysts which have a yellow color by accumulation of chyle !£tuab_25b_p£!. Not every tumor of the mesentery is neoplastic; congenital malformations have to be considered as well, as in this case, or in $$tuab_22??££the pictures for comparison.§§