Intestinal Polyp (Differential Diagnosis as before)

Operative findings in a 2.11-year-old boy with recurrent mucus and blood in the stool. Top left: Triangular sector of the lumen of the colon. Middle of the picture: Mushroom-like mass sticking to the wall of the opened colonic lumen, seized by a Babcock forceps. The clinical and histological diagnosis is a benign juvenile polyp of the colon. This polyp was very large and was therefore removed by enterotomy. In contrast to the idiopathic intussusception, juvenile colonic polyps occur mostly in toddlers; they are often single, but also lead to the evacuation of blood and mucus with or without stool and possibly to abdominal colics. In older children and/or in case of multiple polyps an adenoma or one of the different types of polyposis must be excluded.