Visible/Palpable Tumor Lower Abdomen (Ovarian Tumor )

tuab_23a_n.jpg and tuab_23b_n.jpg: Teenager with a visible and palpable abdominal tumor. View from the left side of the patient: Huge tumor with a non-involved capsule which has been luxated out of the peritoneal cavity. On the left end of the incision there is an olive-sized white structure. The nodulated and homogeneously yellow tumor has a length of 25 cm and an irregular surface. The capsule is not ruptured. tuab_23a_n.jpg and tuab_23b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is a differentiated and mature teratoma of the right ovary. For comparison, notice the normal left ovary at the left corner of the incision. In the differential diagnosis of nephroblastoma all abdominal tumors of childhood should be considered depending on size and site, and even an ovarian tumor.