Work-ups/ Operative findings 1 (Teratoma)

tuab_19a_n.jpg: 5-month-old girl with an abdominal tumor. Work-up with IVU: Large space-occupying process spreading mainly to the left side; within the mass there are faint calcifications of different size. The kidney is displaced downwards. tuab_19b_n.jpg: Operative findings: On the left side of the patient the kidney which is displaced to the bottom is pushed to the side by a swab; it allows a view of the limits of the intact lower pole of the tumor. tuab_19c_n.jpg: Totally excised tumor; its surface is brightly colored and polymorphous; lengh of the mass is 13 cm. tuab_19d_n.jpg: The tissue is polymorphous with solid, cystic, and spongy segments. tuab_19a_n.jpg to tuab_19d_n.jpg: The diagnosis is a mature differentiated teratoma of the retroperitoneum. The unilateral and here mainly left-sided location and the displacement of the intact left kidney to the bottom is compatible with a neuroblastoma, while the polymorphism and the late detection fits the picture of a teratoma.