Congenital Paraparesis (Neuroblastoma)

tuab_16a_n.jpg: 4-day-old newborn girl with a congenital paraperesis in which the left side is more involved. In the IVU the left kidney is dislocated in the lateral direction. tuab_16b_n.jpg: The CT shows a large mass on the left side and in front of the spine which occupies half of the abdomen in the anteroposterior direction. On the left side of the spinal channel abnormal tissue is visible !Łtuab_16b_pŁ!. tuab_16a_n.jpg and tuab_16b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is a retroperitoneal paraspinal neuroblastoma of the left side which has a projection like an hour-glass into the spinal channel. The mentioned paraparesis accentuated to the left is caused by tumor compression of the spinal cord. This is a possible clinical presentation of the neuroblastoma. In such cases the intraspinal masses must be removed by laminectomy prior to the surgery of the retroperitoneal tumor, depending on the age.