Excised Wilms´ Tumors

tuab_02a_n.jpg: Excised tumor of 14 cm in length in a 2-year-old girl. There is a yellowish stripe on the surface of the tumor on the right at the bottom. View of the hilus (on the left at the bottom) and on parts of the right adrenal gland (on the right at the bottom). The kidney is not recogizable as organ. tuab_02b_n.jpg: View from the front. Exophytic, homogenous tumor sized 3 to 4 cm on the the left renal upper pole. The kidney is clearly recognizable as organ. tuab_02a_n.jpg: and tuab_02b_n.jpg: In both cases the diagnosis is a stage 1 (I) nephroblastoma which has been completely removed without injury to the tumor capsule. The two cases illustrate the large variability of the pathoanatomical forms of Wilms' tumor on the first presentation.