Types/Clinical Presentation 2 (Inguinal Hernia)

Operative findings in an infant with an irreducible inguinal hernia of the right side. Three forceps hold the border of the opened hernia sac, from which a finger-like structure emerges with a normal blood supply. It is the appendix as content of the hernia sac. The younger the boy (or girl) the larger is the probability of an irreducible inguinal hernia due to a narrow internal inguinal ring, which is mainly true in prematurity. Irreponibility may also be caused by a wrong reduction technique, or by a false interpretation of the clinical findings; e.g. interpretation of kryptorchidism in prematurity, or hydrocele in an older infant as an inguinal hernia. An irreponible inguinal hernia is not in any case an incarcerated inguinal hernia. Besides the time of exit of intestinal parts or the adnex, additional factors play a role, such as impairment of blood supply, or width of the inguinal ring. Notice the color and structure of both srotal halves and $$regu_14??££compare alternate pictures.§§