Types/Clinical Presentation 1 (Inguinal Hernia)

3-month-old girl with a longitudinal oval structure which was inside the sac of an inguinal hernia. This structure is the corresponding ovary. In female inguinal hernia of infancy the ovary herniates quite frequently, which is often irreducible. This case is an example of an irreponile inguinal hernia. This specific case has a twofold clinical significance: 1. The differentiation from an inflammatory lymphadenopathy may be difficult clinically; in this case an ultrasound of the groin may be useful for the diagnosis. 2. In some of these cases incarceration with impairment of the blood supply of ovary and fallopian tube may occur; therefore, surgery must be performed immediately, not on the next day. Pain on palpation and/or inflammatory signs of the overlying skin are indications uf such an event.