Occurence Adulthood (Inguinal Hernia)

swel_3a_n.jpg: Age distribution in 726 inguinal hernias in adulthood with surgery and follow-ups. The maximum incidence is in the 6th and 7th decade. The sex distribution is in favor of men (1 woman in 11 men). swel_3bEn_n.jpg: Types of hernias and number of recurrences of the same population (Ris HB et al. Chirurg 58:93-99/100-105, 1987). 31.5 % of inguinal hernias are direct or medial, 58 % are indirect or lateral hernias, and 9 % combinations. The whole recurrence rate is 5.8 % without any differences in the types. In contrast to the adult, mainly indirect or lateral hernias are encountered in children with a few exceptions, and the recurrence rate should be zero using a correct surgical technique. The up to 2 % recurrences are due to an incompletely removed hernia sac, or are direct hernias due to a disease of the connective tissue, or a high insertion of the internal abdominal rectus muscle.