Cutis Navel/Navel Granuloma (Differential Diagnosis as before)

9-day-old newborn whose residual umbilical cord has already dropped off. The impression arises that a large umbilical hernia is present in spite of the young age of the patient because the navel protrudes like a semi-sphere. In fact, a variation of the navel is present in which the former umbilical cord has inserted not at the level of skin surface but at the periphery (so-called cutis navel). In a manner similar to the amniotic navel (insertion underneath the level of the skin) this navel variation exhibits a spontaneous recovery. On looking precisely a red discoloration is visible on the top of the navel. It is a small navel granuloma. Following dropping off of the navel stump, granulation tissue may develop as an intermediate stage prior epithelization. It leads to bleeding or wetting of the navel.