Scrotal Swelling (Differential Diagnosis as before)

7-month-old infant with a swelling and a slight and diffuse redness of the right scrotum. In comparison to the normal left side the skin structure of the right scrotum is thickened and not well visible. Due to the tight consistence on palpation and the positive diphanoscopy the diagnosis is a testicular hydrocele. The redness of the scrotal skin and the findings on palpation and diphanoscopy exclude a simple inguinal hernia; a possible incarcerated type of inguinal hernia should be considered from a differential diagnostic standpoint. The painless finding on palpation and the positive diphanoscopy does not fit an epididymitis, or a testicular or hydatid torsion; in case of idiopathic scrotal edema, diphanoscopy would be negative, and the redness more pronounced.