Local Findings prior to and after Surgery (Umbilical Hernia)

swel_15a_n.jpg: 4-month-old boy with a swelling of the umbilicus like a mushroom. swel_15b_n.jpg: State of the umbilicus after surgery. swel_15a_n.jpg and swel_15b_n.jpg: This case shows the pre- and postoperative findings of a large umbilical hernia which was already operated in infancy, in contrast to the $$swel_02??££alternate picture§§ . A diameter of several cm, continuous increase in size, pain, and/or anxiety of the mother are the indications for surgery with closure of the defect and resection of the excess of skin. Smaller umbilical hernia are operated on only in case of absent spontaneous healing beyond the first or second year of life.