Local Findings (Inguinal Hernia in Girls)

swel_13a_n.jpg: Lower abdomen and genitals in a 3.7-year-old girl. Swelling of the right groin in comparison to the normal left groin. Figure swel_13b_n.jpg: Oblique view in a tangent plane over the right groin in the same girl. A clearly visible, longitudinal, and oval swelling is recognizable. Figure swel_13a_n.jpg and swel_13b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is an (indirect) inguinal hernia in a female toddler. In girls inguinal hernia occurs not too rarely beyond infancy; moreover, their mothers often notice during personal hygiene a swelling of the childs' groin; or - depending on the age - the girl complains of abdominal or groin pain. Beyond infancy, inguinal hernias are better recognizable in girls in standing than in supine position.