Newborn with Scrotal Swelling 2 (Torsion of the Testis)

skro_8a_n.jpg: Operative findings in a newborn with discoloration of the scrotum and a left scrotal and testicular swelling. The luxated testicle with a twisted spermatic cord remains black. skro_8b_n.jpg: Operative findings in a newborn with findings identical to figure 8, but bilateral. Both luxated testicles are enlarged (the left more than the right testis) and black. The left spermatic cord is still more than once twisted. skro_8c_n.jpg: Following relieve of the torsion the left testis assumes a partially normal color. skro_8a_n.jpg, skro_8b_n.jpg and skro_8c_n.jpg: These findings concern a state of uni- and bilateral perinatal testicular torsion; the left testis of the unilateral and the right testis of the bilateral torsion of the testis are irreversibly damaged.