Newborn with Scrotal Swelling 1 (Torsion of the Testis)

External genitals in a 1-day-old newborn. In contrast to the normal left scrotum the right-sided scrotum is enlarged. The skin is red-bluish and swollen, which is recognizable by the coarse skin folds. In such findings a right-sided perinatal torsion of the testis has to be considered even if the newborn has no obvious pain. Following revision a supravaginal torsion of the testis was found with an irrevocably damaged testis. Although a revision in perinatal torsion of the testis comes often too late, it is always necessary to operate immediately; otherwise, the surgeon will be accused of having missed the torsion. In the presented case the slight swelling of the groin (= thickened spermatic cord) points to a supravaginal torsion of the testis. The findings on palaption do not support an incarcerated inguinal hernia which is a possible differential diagnosis ($$skro_14??££see picture for comparison§§).