Scrotal Swelling (Torsion of the Testis)

6.1-year-old boy with redness and swelling of the right scrotum. The local findings cross the midline to the other side. The folds of the scrotal skin are broad and in the lower part of the right scrotum even missing. It is a case of a more advanced stage of torsion of the testis ($$skro_01??££see picture for comparison§§). Only the history (for instance awakening due to a sudden onset of severe pain of the testis) and mainly the findings on palpation (for instance increase of the scrotal volume due to an enlarged and very painful testicle) can confirm the suspected diagnosis of torsion of the testis. The $$skro_3??££alternate figure1§§, $$skro_4??££alternate figure 2§§, $$skro_01??££alternate figure 3§§, and $$skro_5??££alternate figure 4§§ illustrate that the clinical presentation changes with increasing duration of torsion.