Solid Scrotal Mass 2 (Malignant Testicular Tumor)

skro_25a_n.jpg: 1-year-old boy with an intrascrotal mass which was observed by the parents on personal hygiene of the infant. The scrotal skin is non-irritable, and the mass is painless on palpation. skro_25b_n.jpg: Operative findings: Increase of the volume of the testis which is shining through the testicular sheath. The testis has been mobilized after interruption of the blood circulation. skro_25c_n.jpg: After incision of the testicular sheath the enlarged testis is visible with an irregular structure. In addition, there is an increase in the number of vessels. skro_25d_n.jpg: After ablation of the right testis the tumorous involvement is clearly visible. skro_25a_n.jpg to skro_25d_n.jpg: Considering the age, the history, and the local findings, a malignant tumor of the testis is likely. In childhood more than 50 % of testicular tumors are observed prior to the second year of age. In the case report a germ cell tumor was present which is the most frequently observed primary malignancy in this agegroup.