Solid Scrotal Mass 1 (Ectopic Spleen)

skro_23a_n.jpg: 13-year-old boy with an increase of the volume of the left testis. Due to this finding the general practitioner supposed a testicular tumor. skro_23b_n.jpg and skro_23c_n.jpg: Operative findings: A longitudinal-oval, solid and dark-red mass is visible which can be mobilized without harm to the testis, epididymis, and spermatic cord. Its length is 4.5 cm which is twice as much as the testicular length; the mass is encapsulated. skro_23a_n.jpg to skro_23c_n.jpg: Ectopic spleen tissue was recognized during orchidopexy in early childhood. At that time only a small mass was visible in connection with the testis. It was not removed due to the intense connection with the testis and the histological proof of splenic tissue. In the meantime there has been dysproportional growth of the ectopic spleen. skro_23d_n.jpg: Preoperative MRI of the penis and of both scrotal halves. A mass is visible close to the testis corresponding to the ectopic spleen. A fine boundary line between the testis and the ectopic spleen explains why an uneventful removal of the mass was possible at the present time !£skro_23d_p£!.