Crossing Scrotal Edema 1 (Cellulitis)

5.7-year-old boy with a reddish and swollen left scrotum. The redness and swelling also crosses the limits of the scrotum and spreads to the groin. The diagnosis is cellulitis of the left scrotum wich spreads as lymphadentis and lymphangitis in the direction of the lymph outflow. The clinical presentation is different from that of an idiopathic scrotal edema and other forms of testicular and scrotal swelling. An infection of the scrotum may develop for different reasons: following minor injury to the skin or an insect-sting, in pruritic dermatosis, in urethral injury (e.g. stone impaction), in inflammatory processes of the peritoneum combined with a still open peritoneal process (e.g. appendicitis), in phlegmonous epididymitis and in other pathologies. An immediate treatment with antibiotics is essential in addition to a therapy of the underlying pathology.