Scrotal Trauma

skro_16a_n.jpg: 16-year-old teenager with traumatic lesion of the right scrotum. The right and already developed testis is exposed. In this case a trauma to the external genitals with laceration and detachment of the skin is obvious. Even after an extended resection of damaged skin, elastic skin is usually sufficiently available to cover the defect. skro_16b_n.jpg and skro_16c_n.jpg: Toddler with a violet-blue discoloration of the left scrotum. The discoloration crosses the midline to the rigth side in the view from the front. The left scrotum is not only discolored but also swollen. The left testis is enlarged and higher in comparison to the right testis. In the case of unawareness of trauma (the accident has not been observed or was concealed by the boy) this type of testicular and scrotal swelling and discoloration may be similar to a late stage of torsion of the testis including a spontaneous bleeding in the scrotal skin. In such cases an ultrasound is recommended not only for exclusion of a testicular torsion, but also of a trauma to the testis, e.g. of a large testicular hematoma, which should be evacuated.