Infant with Scrotal Swelling (Incarcerated Inguinoscrotal Hernia)

1-month-old infant with testicular and scrotal swelling of the right side. The swelling includes the medial groin region, too, and the right scrotal skin has a red-bluish discoloration. Due to the history and the clinical findings an incarcerated inguinoscrotal hernia is present ($$skro_7??££see alternate picture§§). An emerging inguinoscrotal hernia, a testicular hydrocele, or a hydrocele of the cord lead to testicular and scrotal swelling, too; the corresponding clinical skills (e.g. diaphanoscopy) which are presented in chapter 'Tumefactions of the Groin and Umbilicus' allow a differentiation (e.g. in case of a testicular hydrocele) from a torsion of the testis.