Blue Spot (Torsion of Appendages)

skro_10a_n.jpg: 15-year-old boy with acute 'testicular' pain on the right side. Above the hands of the examiner the penis is visible in a state after circumcision. Between the fingers a bluish spot is recognizable. skro_10b_n.jpg: The same finding with stronger magnification: The blue nodule is the size of an apple pip and lies on the upper pole of the testis. skro_10a_n.jpg and skro_10b_n.jpg: The cause of the 'testicular' pain is a torsion of an testicular appendage. A 'blue spot' as in this case may be found in half of the patients with torsion of the testicular appendages and is therefore a characteristic sign. It is caused by a venous congestion of the twisted appendage.