Inguinal Hernia (Differential Diagnosis)

Operative findings in a 3-month-old girl with an irreponible inguinal hernia. A longitudinal oval structure was found within the hernia sac. It is a prolapse of the ovary with the fallopian tube behind it as cause of the irreponible inguinal hernia which is together with a possible incarceration a typical incident in the female inguinal hernia. An important differential diagnosis of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis are repeatedly protruding or incarcerated inguinal hernias in both sexes; therefore, the groin and navel region must be examined precisely in every infant with vomiting. $$swel_01??££See alternate picture 1.§§ In general, in each infant with acute vomiting, all other possible causes of abdominal emergency must be considered as well. . $$abdo_01??££See alternate picture 2.§§