Minimal Invasive Procedure (Funnel Chest)

Figure peex_27a_n.jpg to peex_27c_n.jpg: Demonstration of some steps of the thoracoscopically assisted minimally invasive procedure according to Nuss for the correction of a funnel chest. Figure peex_27a_n.jpg: Thoracoscopically assisted, a bar is introduced from the right to the left side behind the sternum and the depression is elevated. Figure peex_27b_n.jpg: Following this step the bar is replaced by a pre-bent bar which is turned inside holding the inner side of the funnel in a corrected position. Lateral stabilizers prevent the bar from spontaneously tilting. Figure peex_27c_n.jpg: Postopertive findings (W Lorenz Surgical, Inc, Jacksonville; FL USA. With permission N Karrer; Regional Sales Manager, W Lorenz Surgical Europe, Dordrecht The Nederlands).