Open Surgery (Funnel Chest)

peex_24a_n.jpg to peex_24c_n.jpg: Description of some principles of open surgery according to Ravitch. peex_24a_n.jpg: After detachment of the insertion of the pectoralis muscle from the funnel and the adjacent pairs of rib cartilage, the latter are removed from the perichondrium. peex_24b_n.jpg: The remaining perichondral coverings are detached from the sternal border, the sternum is elevated, and the transitional zone between the manubrium and the sternal body is divided from behind and within sight. The advanced and if needed longitudinally corrected sternum (pathological torsion to the right side) is attached to the manubrium. peex_24c_n.jpg: Finally, the pectoralis muscle is sewn on the anterior wall of the sternum.