Mammary Glands (Funnel Chest)

12.11-year-old girl with a slightly less developed left mammary gland which could be a temporary and developmental phenomenon; the different alignment of the mammillas $$peex_10??nr=1££analogous to this alternate figure§§ is however a part of the funnel chest anomaly. Not only the evaluation of the posture and search for possible combined malformations as in pictures $$peex_2??££ A§§, $$peex_9??nr=1££B§§ , $$peex_10??nr=2££C§§ and $$peex_12??nr=1££D§§, but also the evaluation of the mammary glands in girls around puberty belongs to the general clinical examination; however, a final statement about the mammary glands is only possible at the end of puberty.