Disorders of Intestinal Innervation

Short survey of the types of disorders of intestinal innervation to which also belongs the congenital megacolon. The underlying publication of the disorders of intestinal innervation, Borchard F, Meier-Ruge W et al. (Pathologe 1991, 12:171-174) defines the types of Hirschsprung's disease as: ultrashort (aganglionosis up to 3 cm above the anocutaneous line); short-distance or classic (involvement of the rectosigmoid); long-distance (beyond the colon descedens); others. The neuronal intestinal dysplasia forms (NID) are also called dysganglionosis. Of significance are the combination forms with Hirschsprung's disease in which there is cranially of the aganglionosis an NID or a hypoganglionosis segment. During pull-through surgery the resected intestine should therefore immediately be handed over in a native condition to a pathologist.