Interval in Postoperative Obstruction (Complications)

Interval of postoperative obstruction in months and 2 to 3 and more than 3 years (x-axis) following a former laparotomy in the same population as in figure abdo_26_n.jpg. Two thirds of postoperative obstruction occur within the first years of the former laparotomy. In one third the postoperative obstruction may occur also years after the primary intervention. These facts as well as the clinical presentation of postoperative obstruction (sudden onset of abdominal colics and possible vomiting) should be part of the information given to parents after every laparotomy, or even laparoscopy. Besides the intervention in perforated appendicitis there are operations of the newborn, in acute intussusception, and Hirschsprung's disease and surgery in tumors, and inflammatory intestinal diseases which predispose to a postoperative obstruction.